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The Foolies Story

We cranked this concept out in the wee hours of the night because we were feeling unfulfilled and wanted to do more for the world. We were young, and aspiring to break into the music industry as artists and recording engineers. As we thought about what we could do for the people around us we both thought about the many possible ways to inspire through music and the arts and then it hit us. We wanted to create a movement. A movement that would shake up the masses and push people pass their fears, doubts, and limitations.


The first "Foolies" tee was an iron on. We printed out the name of the company with my co-founders laser ink jet printer and pressed it on. We thought we were hot stuffback then! With an understanding of our purpose we knew we had something intriguing on our hands.


The phrase "Foolies" is a funny one. Why? Well, at first most people thought we are calling them "fools." They would make strange faces at me, but as I explained to them what a "Foolie" physically was, it all made sense. Let's be honest, a Motivational T-Shirt company that inspires men, women, and people all over the world to live out their goals and dreams? Yep, that sounds rather silly doesn't it? To the average, yes. For us, we understood that there are no limits to what we can put our minds to in this world and with this company, we hope to inspire and uplift our friends, families, and even those we will never get to meet.


We never asked for this life, it pretty much chose us. We accept the task. Get ready to see one of our tees on every millennial in every corner of the globe.

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